In 1983 the Brijuni Islands were proclaimed a national park, which gave a powerful impulse to the development of tourism, as did the changes during the 1990s, especially after Fažana obtained the status of municipality in 2001. Since then, a lot of work done to renovate the town, as well as to ensure more gorgeous and varied tourism infrastructure and development of Fažana.
The most impressive is the seafront of Fažana, where you can see many historical monuments of architecture, cozy cafes and restaurants, as well as children's playgrounds and other places for pleasant leisure.

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The largest city of the Istrian Peninsula offers you the excursions to the cultural monuments: Arena and Small Roman Theatre in the city center, which is more than three thousand years old, the Arch of Sergius dated from the 1st century B.C., the Gate of Hercules and the Twin Gates, the Temple of Augustus.




Blue sea, white stone and the green continental part – these are the colours of Istria, the largest peninsula in Croatia. The blue of its shore contrasts with its green continental part and the ancient towns, which are situated somewhere halfway between dream and reality, erase a fine line that separates reality from illusion; and turn into your own story only....
The heart-shaped peninsula, drown deep in the clear blue waters of the Adriatic, is a hidden garden of beauty revealing in front of you a door of the sunny and warm Adriatic Sea. Open it without any hesitation – and your holiday will become a reality again. This is a multicultural and hospitable country, where a variety of differences are well combined together in a small area. By its crystal sea, clean shores and ports, lively fishing boats and stone narrow streets, this country shows the true charm of the Adriatic Sea. And Istria, with its picturesque medieval towns located on hilly terrain, breathes out peace and gentleness of the continent, the landscape of which irresistibly reminds the beautiful land of Tuscany and Provence.

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